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»Apparently, cemeteries are full of napping cops«

Text by Anja Wiesinger
published on the occasion of the exhibition: Frank Eickhoff »Apparently, cemetries are full of napping cops«, frontviews temporary at LAGE EGAL, 14.08.– 21.09.2014

Baby! So I was thinking the text for Frank’s piece should be about how more data and more information of our environment through technology allows us to see more. And that “see more” may develop to a deeper understanding of nature as a system of relationships.

I explain Franks work to you first. I would call it a movie game installation. TV screens are mounted on a vertical construction like a chessboard and behind it there are 5 computers connected to each other. They form a network and render the animation on the screen through a game engine. You watch how an auto-player from an ego shooter perspective finds its way through the jungle. Each scene is randomly created and unique. In this case the network and data exist only by itself and for itself, like nature somehow. The empty spaces are a reminder of the invisible and unused data that “big data” produces.

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