• Idiopolis

    Idiopolis / 2013

    A good image for this theoretical topic is the window, because it marks exactly the surface, the mirror, the visual transfer-zone in between private and public, in between “inside” and “outside”, in between subject and environment, in between soul and world in space and materiality. That’s why the motive and the idea of a window could be a kind of repeating element of this exhibition.

  • Riss - (Disruption)

    Riss - (Disruption) / 2013

    The group show »Riss« – (Disruption) is a cooperation between Hengesbach Gallery and Frontviews, an independent curatorial platform in Berlin.

  • Meta-Ikon (Prologue)

    Meta-Ikon (Prologue) / 2012

    Photographic access to the culture of images

    Although ‘Meta-’ is used as an international prefix, and ‘Icon’ is a common expression for ‘image’ or ‘picture’, it is important to clarify the title and define ‘Meta-Ikon’.

  • Le Trac

    Le Trac / 2012

    »Please Placeholder«

    »Freisteller« – »encounter«
    »Beasts of Burden«
»Monstrous Moonshine«
    »El bosque« – »Versani«
    »placeholders and circumstances«
    »overall standings«
    all rights reserved, Stephan Köhler 2012

  • Aus der Zeit

    Aus der Zeit / 2012

    formal extracts of presence

    - The deafness of eyes, the dullness of sound, the brashness of impossibility to classify anything, to relate to anything (calm down).

    There they were again, those things, like ever resisting,independent from so much, especially from the events of the day, pointing happily on themselves and their brood:

  • Stella Geppert »Aufruhr.«

    Stella Geppert »Aufruhr.« / 2011

    Life runs down – routine comes in – service is managed – uneasiness creeps in, a personal one – utility goods at hand, furnishing routine – is not just used up….but deliberately “used into pieces“ – the unexpected, the unforeseen, outbreak, turmoil,revolt! – But:

  • Die Fünfte Ecke

    Die Fünfte Ecke / 2008

    Constructed Motive | Image of Sculpture | Painting in Films | Filmed Lines | Drawing in Space