Die Fünfte Ecke / 2008

Die Fünfte Ecke / 2008

Uferhallen Berlin

12 Sep – 27 Sep 2008

group show



Willem Besselink, Katja Kollowa, Peter Dobroschke, Dennis Meier, Alexander Wagner, Gabriel Braun, Timo Klöppel, Ina Viola Blasius, Nina Ploghöft, Nadine Fecht, Martin Meyenburg, Lev Khesin, Pius Fox, Sandra Krause Gomez und Marc Klee


Willem Besselink
Alexander Wagner
Gabriel Braun
Nina Ploghöft
Pius Fox
Marc Klee
Martin Meyenburg
Katja Kollowa
Nadine Fecht
Lev Khesin
Ina Viola Blasius

curated together with Gabriel Braun and Alexander Wagner - produced in cooperation with Artitude

»Die Fünfte Ecke«

Constructed Motive | Image of Sculpture | Painting in Films | Filmed Lines | Drawing in Space

15 young artists exhibit together and question the relations between painting, drawing, sculpture and film. Thereby they act in the conventional frame of their medium or they leave this frame testing the ›frontiers‹. Unique works from different domains are connected in a new way, motives and themes return in different positions and mediums and certain techniques are used in complete new correlation.
In that way the curatorship lays the focus on the intermedial connections and affinities between the featured positions. Based on these correspondencies a common field of works is created, in which the ›fifth angle‹ of one work can be the starting point for the next work.